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I’m a software engineer with more than 3 years of experience and a wide range of skills in the industry.

I have a confession to make: I'm hopelessly addicted to writing code. Ever since my first awkward attempts to move a turtle around the screen in Logo, I've been hooked. Now, I can't get enough of the rush that comes with crafting beautiful, functional apps and programs.

As an engineer, I like to think I bring a certain je ne sais quoi to my work. Sure, I'm versatile, analytical, and hard-working (and all that other boring stuff), but what really sets me apart is my passion for hacking and tinkering. I'll happily spend hours wrestling with some gnarly bug or tweaking some UI element until it's just right.

When I'm not glued to my keyboard, you can find me at hackathons, where I get my kicks by pulling all-nighters and chugging way too much caffeine. Or maybe I'll be chilling on the couch, watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine for the millionth time and laughing my head off. Either way, I'm always up for a good time!

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M.S. Computer Science

2021- 2023
University of Southern California

B.Tech Computer Science

2014- 2018
Indraprastha University

Software Engineer, Easley-Dunn Productions

October 2023 ─ Present

I played a pivotal role in optimizing Epic Games Services integration by implementing SDK and state management techniques to ensure a secure user login experience. My efforts included streamlining the integration process and enhancing analytics, which resulted in gaining deeper insights through crucial application statistics.

Software Engineer, USC CSI-Cancer

October 2021 ─ March 2022

I had the opportunity to collaborate with medical researchers at the USC Michelson Center Convergent Science Institute in Cancer, where I contributed to the improvement of Android and iOS mobile apps used by patients and caregivers to monitor health updates in a cancer clinical trial. Additionally, I managed Java backend APIs, AWS deployment, and production issue resolution for the mobile apps.

Software Developer, PhonePe

July 2018 ─ July 2021

As part of my role at PhonePe, I developed and implemented various features for the Android app dedicated to merchant onboarding. These features proved to be quite impactful, resulting in an 8% increase in revenue. Furthermore, I led the sprint management process by scheduling and coordinating monthly rotations.

My responsibilities included designing a highly intuitive map library that enabled easy control of custom features like markers, polygons, and animations. Additionally, the library came equipped with search and geocoding APIs, and I utilized Mapbox GL and Mapbox SDKs for Android in its development.

I spearheaded the migration of the legacy codebase to GCP cloud storage, which had multiple benefits for our system. By utilizing the cloud storage, we were able to create a more scalable and highly-available infrastructure, while also improving app performance through reduced latency and shorter load times. Overall, this migration proved to be a major improvement for our system.

I developed a UI toolkit known as Duplo, which enhances the functionality of React Native components by acting as a wrapper. With the use of Duplo, it became possible to enrich the components with additional features suitable for web and mobile applications. The toolkit is based on material design guidelines and includes customizable icons written in TypeScript.

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App Development

React Native ∙ Android ∙ iOS ∙ Java ∙ JavaScript ∙ TypeScript

Web Development

React ∙ Angular ∙ JavaScript

Backend Development

Flask ∙ Node.js ∙ MySQL ∙ MongoDB ∙ DynamoDB ∙ GCP ∙ AWS

Frameworks / Tools

Unity ∙ MapReduce ∙ CUDA ∙ Git ∙ Jenkins ∙ Postman ∙ Figma
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(+1) 213-512-9626


Los Angeles, California, USA

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