Teaching Assistant, USC

August 2022 ─ December 2022

As the teaching assistant for the Advanced Mobile Devices and Games course (CSCI-526) at my university, I was responsible for supporting student learning in various ways. This included providing guidance and assistance to students as they worked on their Unity-based games, and troubleshooting any technical issues.

I graded student assignments and collaborated with the professor to manage the class effectively. By working closely with students and the professor, I helped to create a positive and productive learning environment, ensuring that students were able to achieve their academic goals.

Research Assistant, USC CSI-Cancer

October 2021 ─ March 2022

I had the opportunity to collaborate with medical researchers at the USC Michelson Center Convergent Science Institute in Cancer, where I contributed to the improvement of Android and iOS mobile apps used by patients and caregivers to monitor health updates in a cancer clinical trial. I managed Java backend APIs, AWS deployment, and production issue resolution for the mobile apps.

Software Developer, PhonePe

July 2018 ─ July 2021

As part of my role at PhonePe, I developed and implemented various features for the Android app dedicated to merchant onboarding. These features proved to be quite impactful, resulting in an 8% increase in revenue. Furthermore, I led the sprint management process by scheduling and coordinating monthly rotations.

My responsibilities included designing a highly intuitive map library that enabled easy control of custom features like markers, polygons, and animations. Additionally, the library came equipped with search and geocoding APIs, and I utilized Mapbox GL and Mapbox SDKs for Android in its development.

I spearheaded the migration of the legacy codebase to GCP cloud storage, which had multiple benefits for our system. By utilizing the cloud storage, we were able to create a more scalable and highly-available infrastructure, while also improving app performance through reduced latency and shorter load times. Overall, this migration proved to be a major improvement for our system.

I developed a UI toolkit known as Duplo, which enhances the functionality of React Native components by acting as a wrapper. With the use of Duplo, it became possible to enrich the components with additional features suitable for web and mobile applications. The toolkit is based on material design guidelines and includes customizable icons written in TypeScript.

Software Intern, Zopper

Jan 2018 ─ June 2018

Contributed to the creation of user management APIs for a POS system, using Django to update transactional data. I also assisted in the maintenance of the corresponding user interface for the web portal. By working closely with the team, I helped to design and implement the APIs, ensuring that they were robust, reliable, and user-friendly. In addition, I provided support for the web portal's user interface, ensuring that it remained up-to-date and responsive to user needs. With these contributions, the POS system was able to better serve its users, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and greater efficiency.

Software Intern, Airport Authority of India

June 2016 ─ July 2016

Automated the inventory request system by creating an Android application that eliminated errors, improved record keeping, and saved time compared to the previous manual approach. By designing and implementing the application, I was able to streamline the inventory request process and ensure greater accuracy and efficiency. The app's features included the ability to track and manage inventory requests, maintain historic records, and provide real-time status updates.


Pyxis, Bangalore

Jan 2020 ─ August 2021 & December 2022 ─ March 2023

As a developer, I designed and built a social media scheduling app using React Native, which enables users to manage their posts across multiple social media platforms. The app is intuitive and user-friendly, allowing users to schedule their content in advance and organize their posts in a visually appealing and easy-to-navigate calendar. By leveraging React Native's capabilities, I was able to create a responsive and scalable application that runs smoothly on both iOS and Android devices.

Metvy, Delhi

Sept 2019 ─ Feb 2020

As an app developer, I played a pivotal role in creating the first version of an Android and iOS app using React Native. One of my main responsibilities was to incorporate real-time chat and video call capabilities using Gifted Chat and QuickBlox APIs, allowing users to easily share messages and files within the app.

To improve the user experience, I integrated React Native Localization to support multiple languages, making the app more accessible and user-friendly for a global audience. Additionally, I incorporated Amplitude and Firebase analytics SDK to collect valuable user behavior data, allowing us to make data-driven decisions to improve the app's performance and engagement.

Robonomics, Australia

Sept 2019 ─ Feb 2020

Designed and developed an AI Digital Assistant app that combines personalized learning, mental wellbeing, and motivational psychology into a single platform. Leveraging advanced AI algorithms, the app provides customized learning recommendations based on individual needs and learning styles, while also promoting mental wellbeing and motivation through personalized coaching and positive reinforcement. The app's intuitive interface and engaging user experience make it a valuable tool for anyone looking to improve their mental wellbeing while pursuing their educational goals.

Additionally, designed and developed a chatbot solution that leverages IBM Watson and Facebook Messenger APIs to provide instant query resolution and insights to hospital staff. The chatbot was designed to handle non-critical cases and provide quick and accurate responses to staff inquiries, resulting in a significant increase in the closure rate of non-critical cases and ultimately leading to the recovery of a hospital based in Australia.

I worked closely with the hospital staff to develop a proof of concept, demonstrating the effectiveness of the chatbot in providing instant query resolution and reducing staff workload. By leveraging IBM Watson's natural language processing and machine learning capabilities, I was able to design a chatbot that was able to understand staff inquiries and provide accurate responses, improving the overall efficiency of the hospital.